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Lease Finance

Regal has focused on lease programs with different end of term purchase options since our inception. We have programs available, with EFA/$1.00/FMV options to suit your cash flow and tax needs. We also provide structuring with as little as one payment in advance or in some cases a 90-day deferred program for customers.

In the last few years we have added the capability to offer short term working capital loans. These funds can be used to purchase equipment as well as needed inventory or to implement a new marketing plan, as well as other business needs.

Vendor Programs

For 30 years, Regal has worked with vendors nationwide, providing lease financing and short term working capital loans to their customers. We pride ourselves on learning about your business in order to serve your customers efficiently.

Benefits of Third Party Lease Financing

1. Lease financing is a cash sale for your company. You get the equipment invoice paid after installation and acceptance.

2. You overcome the price objection. Your customer doesn’t need to have the cash on hand to pay for the equipment.

3. Lease financing eliminates the need to finance sales with your own capital or credit lines.

4. By offering your customer tax deductible, 100% financing at fixed rates, you improve his cash flow and your relationship with him.

5. Providing well-structured lease financing is a proven sales tool that can increase sales and capture repeat business.

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Regal Asset Recovery

Technology Equipment De-acquisition and Disposal Program

A partner of Regal Finance, Regal Asset Recovery was founded in 1994 to provide de-installation, de-acquisition, disposal and recycling services for businesses that seek to maximize the realizable market value from surplus, obsolete computer equipment and to avoid exposure to potential EPA liability. The company offers comprehensive capabilities to deal with idle, excess and no-longer-in-use technology equipment of all kinds.

Contact Regal Asset Recovery at 704-882-9061 to learn how we can help you with your technology disposition. Or click below to find out more about our services and process.

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Partnering with end-users, vendors and lending institutions to provide competitive serve and quotes for your equipment finance needs.


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